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Facilitating and generating information

At FOCUS Market Research we are thoroughly engaged in facilitating and generating information so that our customers may better understand their markets, and may be able to identify the trends and factors that could have an impact in the sales, positioning, acceptance and development of their products, services, or image.

In a nut shell, we are
market researchers…

We offer comprehensive solutions by implementing our own methodologies as well as conventional ones so that our customers are better prepared to make strategic decisions about what they offer and convey to their markets or publics.

The value and difference in the research we conduct is in knowing how to carry it out and in possessing the capacity to providing our customers with information that will be particularly useful, along with practical, hand-on tools to go with it.

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A bit of history

  • 1998 Our story began in Mexicali
  • 2000 Work stendes towards Tijuana
  • 2010 Operating thoughout the country
  • 2013 Hispanic market in southern california



Our Facilities

Our infrastructure allows us to offer virtually any type of market research that exists.


Say goodbye to paper! FOCUS uses tablets to gather information.

Gesell Chamber

Best Gesell chamber of the region, fully equipped to conduct group sessions Know more +


We have our own fleet of vehicles to dispatch a large team of interviewers.


We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with regional, national and international companies, both in the private and the public sector, developing a long-term business relationship. In all cases we have endeavored to provide fresh, reliable and first hand decision -making information.

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  • Endeavor México
  • Marketing research association
  • Marketing research association

Estamos integrados a la Asociación Mexicana de Agencias de Investigación de Mercados y Opinión Pública, La AMAI es la única asociación profesional en Latinoamérica enfocada al sector de inteligencia aplicada a negocios y asuntos sociales. Fundada en 1992, surge para ser el centro institucional de la comunidad mexicana de investigación de mercados, opinión y comunicación; ahora engloba a toda la industria de generación y transformación de datos para la toma de decisiones.

Endeavor Mexico

We are very proud to have been selected by Endeavor as a company with high potential of suc-cess. Endeavor is leading the global movement to catalyze long term economic growth by se-lecting, mentoring and accelerating the best High Impact entrepreneurs around the world.

Endeavor helps High-Impact Entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing an unrivaled network of seasoned business leaders, who provide the key ingredients to entrepreneurial suc-cess.

The Endeavor organization has presence in several countries like Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Co-lombia, India, Jordan, México, South Africa, Turkey and Uruguay