There might be occasions when companies wonder what can they get from hiring a market re-search company; or sometimes they might not know what to ask for or what kind of technique they need to use in order to obtain the required information. Just check which situation you identify with and we will do the rest.

We have

Field logistical support

We are aware that information surveying is critical for people to obtain reliable, actual and accurate results. That is why FOCUS becomes your ally in Baja California by offering the field logistical support service to our foreign colleagues, so they may either apply interviews and/or supervise quantitative studies.

  • We feature the adequate organizational structure to conduct any sort of studies (full time polltakers and supervisors, validation and survey capturing team, executive interviewers for business-to-business (B2B) studies).
  • We also feature the infrastructure deemed necessary to gather timely information (studies training room, vehicles to transport our work team, appropriate ID of our polltakers and surveys conducted in tablets).
  • We can adapt ourselves to the methodologies so required by our colleagues to engage in developing any type of market study.
  • We conduct telephone surveys by means of a call center.