There might be occasions when companies wonder what can they get from hiring a market re-search company; or sometimes they might not know what to ask for or what kind of technique they need to use in order to obtain the required information. Just check which situation you identify with and we will do the rest.

We have


PREVIA is a software package that is made available to our customers as part of services contracted. With this package our customers may explore the information that is contained in their data bases, to begin generating reports and cross-information that is most convenient to them for decision-making purposes.

  • At FOCUS we train our customers so that they can optimize the use of this tool.
  • We install the PREVIA software to the end user with the data base of the surveys that were gathered for purposes of generating reports and analysis depending upon the needs (frequencies / cross information by gender, age, and socio economic level (SEL), Excel tables and graphs, statistics, filters and segmentation, etc.).
  • The PREVIA software allows our customers to explore the depth of the information yielded by their studies so they may apply it to their business practices whenever they decide to do so.