There might be occasions when companies wonder what can they get from hiring a market re-search company; or sometimes they might not know what to ask for or what kind of technique they need to use in order to obtain the required information. Just check which situation you identify with and we will do the rest.

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Focus group

How can I have a one-on-one approach with a group that is representative of my customers or potential consumers?

The focus group study is a qualitative evaluation method that is used to directly engage in conversation with a representative group of consumers by resorting to a series of questions and group dynamics. Typically, such sessions are recorded and they provide evidence on the remarks and suggestions set forth by the participants. Likewise, such records yield deeper and more thorough information on the participants such as feelings, attitudes, and data on the way people think.

We are very proud to have been selected by FocusVision to be part of his global network of focus group facilities. FocusVision is the leading global provider of live video transmission for the qualitative research industry.

Through FocusVision we are capable of live broadcasting focus groups or any kind of qualitative study, helping our clients to avoid transportation expenses if they are abroad.

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